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Beachwear for every shapes. Express your body with FREEBODY!

Eleonora Cimmino founder freebpdy beachwear

Who we are

FREEBODY Beachwear was born in 2022 from an idea of the founder, Eleonora Cimmino, who want to make swimwear for every kind of bodies and every women. Thanks to her passion for fashion and her daily work as a designer in the Italian textile company EUSEBIO Srl, she gave life to the brand focusing on the Italian spirit and sustainability of the product.

What do we do

Our collections are characterized by a unique name to better identify and personalize the product.

Our models respect every type of body size and shape.

We help you choose the most suitable for you!

products freebody beachwear
eusebio freebody beachwear

The production

We produce all our products in Italy in limited quantities trying to minimize waste. 

The fabrics are exclusively produced by Eusebio Srl, with great attention to quality, through sustainable production.

Every detail is extremely important: each garment is made in certified Italian laboratories with respect for the environment and worker ethics. 

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